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The following rules and regulations have been drawn up to ensure your child receives the best form of Islamic education from the Madrasah and develops the true spirit of Islam. All students and their parents must abide by these rules and regulation:

  1. The Madrasah runs on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 1.00pm.
  2. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late without a valid reason and/or letter from a parent will be given a detention.
  3. The Madrasah is unable to supervise children who arrive before class starts and after class ends, therefore parents are requested to ensure their children are dropped off and picked up on time.
  4. No child will be allowed to leave the Madrasah during running times unless there is a valid reason, which should be explained in a letter and given to the Head Teacher before class starts.
  5. The Madrasah has a detention policy. If a child is given detention, then a letter will be sent home with the child to notify his/her parent/guardian.
  6. If your child does not complete his/her homework or does not observe the discipline policy, then they may be given a detention.
  7. Parents are expected to be available for parent’s evenings and any other meetings that the Head Teacher may request regarding their child.
  8. All students must show utmost respect for all teachers, staff, fellow students and the building. Respect is an essential part of our religion.
  9. Parents are not allowed inside classrooms during class times. Any queries should be addressed via email to or at the reception during opening hours.
  10. All students are encouraged to dress according to the Islamic dress code.
  11. All fees are payable regardless of whether the student is in attendance of the class or not
  12. If you withdraw your child at any point, no tuition fees for that running month will be refunded.
  13. Non-payment of fees or fines will result in your child being excluded from the Madrasah.
  14. The information provided by you is kept completely confidential.
  15. Tawhid Academy has the right to refuse and/or withdraw applications at our own discretion.
  16. All the above rules and regulations must be observed. Tawhid Academy reserves the right to alter or amend any regulation when we deem necessary.
  17. The declaration must be read carefully and signed or your application cannot be processed.


At Tawhid Academy we intend to use digital photography to illustrate our Madrasah website (, Madrasah publications and public materials that illustrate the work of the Madrasah. We ask that parents’ consent to their child appearing in this photography. All digital photography at Tawhid Academy is underpinned by our acceptable use policy.

To photographs and digital images of the child named above, appearing in Tawhid Academy printed publications or on the Madrasah website. I understand that the images will be used only for educational purposes and that the identity of my child will be protected. I acknowledge that the images may also be used in and distributed by the other media such as CD-ROM, as part of the promotional activities of the madrasah.


I confirm that I have read, understood and answered all the questions on this form fully and to the best of my knowledge.

1. I have read (or had explained to me) and understand all of the rules and conditions in this application and all of the requirements that are obligatory on me.

2. I agree to accept responsibility on behalf of my child for any damages or injuries that may be caused by my child.

3. I will pay my child’s fees before the beginning of every month.

4. I accept and agree to abide by the conditions stated in the rules and regulations of Tawhid Academy, which may be subject to updating at any time if necessary.

5. I will encourage and support my child through homework, reading and discussion.

6. I will attend progress meetings and any other meetings that may affect my child. At any other time, I will make an appointment beforehand.

7. I will support the schools’ Behaviour Policy to ensure a safe, secure and well-ordered environment.

Data Protection:

You consent to Tawhid Academy to hold your information. We will NOT pass it onto any third party.


You consent to Tawhid Academy contacting you via email and SMS.